How to Install a Truck Toolbox

install a truck toolbox

How to Install a Truck Toolbox

A truck toolbox is a great way to store your tools for road trips, camping, or just going to your job site. Truck toolboxes are designed with a durable material to protect the tools from damage and theft. Because of the overall weight and size of the toolbox, one might find it difficult to install properly. While putting it in may seem daunting at a first glance, in reality, it’s an optimized and quick process that will get you on the road in no time. With all that being said here’s how to install a truck toolbox!

Find the Right Toolbox

In order to easily install a truck toolbox, it’s imperative that you buy the right one ahead of time. Measure your truck bed and find out what width and height your vehicle can handle. No one wants to purchase a big metal toolbox only to find out it can’t fit! As a means to make sure it’s the proper size try lowering it into place and opening the lid ensuring that nothing is blocking the hinges of the box.

Identify what Tools You will Need Ahead of Time

Before installation, identify the tools you will need and make sure you have them so you aren’t forced to stop working halfway through. Some trucks come with pre-drilled holes that let you slide your toolbox right in. However, not every truck is like this so tread carefully. 

If your toolbox doesn’t have pre-drilled holes, you’ll need to prepare a drill ahead of time. Many people will also lay down foam or rubber padding along their truck bed. This is because when you drive over uneven ground the toolbox can noisily bounce and scratch your truck bed. 

Truck Toolbox Installation Guide

As mentioned previously, Sometimes trucks have pre-drilled holes and sometimes they don’t. If your truck already has these holes then skip the first step. 

  1. Measure the placement of the box carefully and drill four to six holes in the bed with a power drill where the bottom of the toolbox is going to rest on. 
  2. Lower the toolbox into place and once everything is aligned use J-hooks or nuts and bolts to secure the box into its location.
  3. Tighten the bolts until they are snug and the box no longer has any freedom to shake around. While doing this it’s important to make sure that the bolts aren’t overtightened as this can cause rail damage.
  4. Make sure that everything is working properly and Enjoy! 

Installing a truck toolbox is relatively simple and straightforward. However, if you’re having a hard time, consider reaching out to an expert for help.

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