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What To Look For In A Truck Toolbox

truck toolbox

What To Look For In A Truck Toolbox

Truck toolboxes let you carry around necessary equipment from one job site to another. They’re a great way to store your equipment when not in use, as well as transport it when you need it. But with so many different types of truck toolboxes on the market, how do you know what to look for in a truck toolbox?

Understanding the differences between toolboxes as well as your own individual needs is a great way to work towards finding the best possible solution for your needs. Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing a truck toolbox.

Storage Capacity

When it comes to a truck toolbox, storage capacity is a must. It doesn’t make sense to spend the money on purchases and installing a truck toolbox that is narrow and poorly designed. Generally speaking, the more tools you can carry around, the better. 

However, you also want that storage capacity to be organized and customizable with dividers or drawers. Throwing everything into a box like a child’s toy bin is a terrible idea and will almost certainly result in broken tools. So look for a toolbox that allows for easy storage of the tools you use on a regular basis. Find one that suits your needs by thinking through what you need and what would be convenient for you to have in a truck toolbox.


Aside from storage capacity, you should also consider durability as something to look for in a truck toolbox. It doesn’t matter if you have the most perfect box in the world, if it breaks in a few weeks it was a waste of money. Find something that can withstand being exposed to elements like rain. 

Aluminum truck boxes are a great option since they are lightweight and rust-resistant, but steel is a sturdier construction that doesn’t require as much upkeep. Weigh your options (literally and figuratively) to find the best balance between durability, cost, and personal need.


Tools are among one of the most stolen items out of people’s vehicles. Work trucks in particular make for easy targets because thieves know that they contain expensive tools that can sell. Unfortunately, this is further amplified by the fact that many people choose truck toolboxes that have little to no security. Security measures like padlocks can easily be broken off, making them relatively useless in protecting your tools.

Your truck box should be secure and offer you peace of mind when you’re away from your truck. When choosing a truck toolbox, look for one that has a lock and key. Locks are much harder to pick or break than a padlock. When you alone have the key to your toolbox, you can know that the chances of your tools being stolen are very low. Take this into consideration when purchasing your next toolbox. 

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