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Our on-time delivery, coupled with our wide product range, custom toolboxes, and ability to do advanced custom metal fabrication work, allow us to provide the best customer experience possible.

custom toolboxes & truck tool boxes RC Industries Elkhart IN

Our custom toolboxes and truck toolboxes are built to last.

  • Ultimate Durability in Truck Toolboxes
  • Get a Truck Box That Is Watertight
  • Custom Toolboxes with the Shortest Lead Times
custom metal fabricated part RC Industries

Advanced custom metal fabrication, delivered on-time.

  • Complex Parts
  • Three Weeks or Less
  • Best In-Class Value
truck bumper RC Industries

Specializing in metal bumpers for trucks, buses, RVs, and trailers.

  • Heavy-Duty Truck Bumpers
  • Standard Bumper Profile
  • Custom Bumpers

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Since 1994, RC Industries has enjoyed an average of 11% annualized growth and if you discount the recession years, that number climbs as high as 15%. Chris Curtis, the owner, attributes this growth to changes in leadership and investments in new technology.

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If you want more information on how to order custom toolboxes, truck tool boxes, or to learn more about our advanced custom fabrication, contact us on our web page or give us  call.