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Advanced Custom Metal Fabrication

RC INDUSTRIES specializes in fabricated metal products, including complex parts. RC strives to deliver custom parts in three weeks or less. We take pride in offering you the best in-class value when it comes to custom metal fabrication. Complicated jobs are no problem for our fabrication shop.

On-Time Delivery

RC  will design and fabricate quality products for you, and deliver your custom  orders on-time. How much do late deliveries cost your operation? Keep your production line running with timely deliveries from RC Industries.

Best In-Class Value

We at RC strive to provide the best value for metal fabricated parts. Part price includes design assistance, quality materials, skilled labor production, on-time delivery and post-sale support. RC doesn’t want one order, we want to develop a long-term supply relationship with our customers. We have fabricated parts for a wide range of industries including food service and automotive.

Complex Parts Metal Fabrication Specialty

The more difficult the part, the better fit with RC. Most of our new supply relationships start with the prospects of manufacturing “tough to produce” parts. Challenge us with a complex part. If we cannot fabricate your part, then we will suggest design changes to make the part manufacturable.

Custom Metal Fabrication Capabilities


  • An experienced staff of individuals ready to process your needs.


  • Solid Works, AutoCad and Mechanical Desktop seats.
  • Nesting software from Striker, Cincinnati and Salvagnini.


  • RC INDUSTRIES is located in a 115,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 14 acres of land.


  • Automated 5 Stage Powder Coating line can coat parts 58” high x 24” wide to 96” in length. Custom colors applied in our state of the art Nordson Lean Color Booth.
  • Epoxy E-coating available.
  • Weber finishing machine capable of removing laser oxide edges.


  • Precision Forming in lengths up to 16’, 400 Ton with fast changeover dies available to form custom shapes.
  • Presses dynamically adapt to material thickness changes during the production run.
  • Salvagnini automated panel bender, the ultimate machine for forming trays and panels with multiple bend radii. High tolerance parts can be produced accurately and rapidly without multiple setups.
  • Corner Former. Draw forms seamless panel corners up to 1” tall.*


  • Capable of inserting blind rivets, rivet nuts (rivnuts) and standard hardware.


  • Up to 5/8” mild steel, 3/16” aluminum, 3/16” stainless steel. Dual pallet capacity: 6’ x 12’.
  • Ultra fast linear driven laser cutting.*
  • Automated removal of laser oxide edges available.*


  • Large scale orbital wrapper capable of stretch wrapping large loads.


  • CNC Hydraulic and Mechanical Turret Presses able to process 48” x 120” sheets.
  • A variety of unitized tooling for gang punching.


  • Drill Presses & Saws to finish your bar stock or structural angle requirements.
  • Auto feed mitering saws capable of bundle cutting.


  • 10 Ga. Shear capacity to 120” lengths.


  • Extensive robotic and manual experience in MIG and TIG welding steel, stainless steel & aluminum.
  • Spot welding


* unique capability

Please contact the Sales team at RC to discuss your needs.