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Truck Toolbox Styles You Should Consider

Truck Toolbox Styles You Should Consider

If you are in the market for a high-quality toolbox, make sure you do plenty of research. Every truck accessory is an investment, and you want to make sure you receive the best product for your money. Consider the best size, material, and style of a toolbox for your utility truck. Here’s a couple truck toolbox styles to consider!

Different Types of Custom Toolboxes

Now, exactly what type of truck toolbox you need depends on several factors. How large is your truck? What do you primarily use your truck for? How much storage space do you need? Will the toolbox often be exposed to harsh weather and road conditions?

Size and material matter when choosing a custom toolbox. After all, a proper-fitting toolbox is a functional one, and a durable toolbox is a long-lasting one. Once you have determined the size and material of your toolbox, you can establish the location and style. Following are a few examples of truck toolbox styles you should consider.


A crossover toolbox is a fairly common choice for truck drivers. It runs along the back width of the cab, with slight lips on the sides of the toolbox resting over the edges of the bed. A crossover toolbox typically features plenty of storage space, out-of-the-way access, and good security. A crossover is generally stationary, but a slide may occasionally be mounted along the length of the bed, allowing you to slide the toolbox forward as needed.

Side Mount

Likewise, a side mount toolbox rests on the side edge of the truck bed. The box itself rests on the inner edge, while a lip keeps it stable. The top opens facing the outside of the truck, so you can easily access your tools from the side of the vehicle. Side mounts offer slightly less storage space than crossovers. However, you can install a side mount toolbox on both sides of the truck for more space and convenient access.

Wheel Well

Wheel well toolboxes mount directly behind the wheel humps in the back of your truck. Rather than being wide and deep, this type of toolbox is skinny and tall. The compact design makes it ideal for miscellaneous tools, cables, emergency supplies, etc.

Top Mount (Bed Rail Boxes)

One major advantage of top mount boxes is that they do not require the use of any bed storage space. Instead, they rest on top of the truck bed’s side rails. They swing open from the outside, so the access is easy. That said, a top mount (also called bed rail) toolbox is not likely to provide as much storage space as a crossover or chest toolbox.

Storage Drawers or Chest

If you aren’t completely sold on the idea of a toolbox permanently mounted to your truck, a basic chest or set of storage drawers might be the option for you. Rather than remaining fastened to the side or back, a chest toolbox simply sits on the floor of your truck bed. It can be removed at any time. Likewise, a set of storage drawers is a heavy-duty chest with pull-out drawers, also not mounted. Even if you choose not to mount your toolbox, it is important to invest in a high-quality one for both security and durability.

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