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Underbody Vs. Topside Toolboxes for Flatbed Trucks

toolboxes for flatbed trucks

Underbody Vs. Topside Toolboxes for Flatbed Trucks

When looking for a new toolbox for your flatbed truck, there are many options to consider. This makes choosing the proper toolbox difficult. Understanding your needs, as well as the pros and cons of each choice, will help you select the best option for you and your flatbed truck. Two of the most common and popular options are underbody vs topside toolboxes for flatbed trucks. If you’re considering either of these options, here’s what you need to know before making a decision!

Why Does It Matter?

Since a flatbed truck is different from a standard pickup truck in that it doesn’t have the same sides and tailgate, choosing the right toolbox may not be as easy as if you were shopping for a pickup truck. Flatbed trucks are often used in conjunction with work and truck fleets, including landscaping, construction, etc. 

Depending on your field of work, you should consider aspects such as storage space, ease of access, security, and durability. 

It is possible to get a flatbed on a heavy-duty pickup-style truck, in which case you can transport heavy loads. Flatbeds work well with forklifts as they can easily be loaded and unloaded. But how do you keep your toolbox from getting in the way while still being accessible? That’s why special truck tool boxes are made for flatbed trucks that can be installed on the underbody, the sides of the truck, or even the front. Here’s what you need to know about underbody vs. topside toolboxes and how they might benefit you.

Underbody Toolboxes

Underbody toolboxes are specialized toolboxes that you can secure beneath the bed of your flatbed truck. These toolboxes are great because they can store a lot of weight while also freeing up extra space in the bed of your truck. Furthermore, underbody truck toolboxes work exceptionally well with campers and are a great option for those who need storage space while also hauling around loads in the back of their truck.

Topside Toolboxes

You’ve probably seen topside toolboxes installed on a standard pickup truck. Generally, they are installed on the truck rails. On a flatbed truck, however, they are installed on the edge of the truck to keep the bed free, so you can use it for other purposes. You can open a topside toolbox in whichever direction you installed it, making it great for many fields of work. Ease of access and easy installation make this a popular option for those using their trucks for both personal and professional use.

Underbody Vs. Topside Toolboxes For Flatbed Trucks

So which is better? That depends entirely on you and your preferences. Each toolbox has its own benefits and purposes. However, they both excel at freeing up space in the bed of your flatbed truck while offering you all of the security and storage space you need for your tools. With either of these options, you can easily access your tools and rest confident that you’re getting an excellent accessory for your flatbed truck.

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