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Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant: what’s the difference?

water proof steel

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant: what’s the difference?

You hear the term waterproof, and water resistant tossed around quite often. What do these really mean, and what are the advantages of owning a toolbox with these qualities? Let’s go over the difference between waterproof vs. water-resistant so you can better understand why it matters.


Waterproof, as the name suggests, is something that is unaffected by water. Being able to withstand the elements prevents things such as rust and corrosion from appearing on a metal’s surface. You may think of stainless steel or aluminum metal when the word waterproof is mentioned; however, these are not immune to corrosion. They each contain trace amounts of iron which is prone to rust. If exposed enough, this underlying problem will come to the surface. With that being said, because of how long it takes for this problem to be exposed, chances are that you will not ever see any corrosion. Nevertheless, you should not assume that just because you have an extremely water-resistant material, it is entirely waterproof.

Copper, bronze, and brass are all water-resistant materials that don’t rust. They are, however, prone to oxidation since they react strongly to oxygen. This means that you are going to encounter other problems with these materials. With that being said, they are, by technicality, waterproof.

Water Resistant

If you have invested in a material that is not water resistant, or you just want a bit more protection, then you have come to the right place! There are a plethora of products and methods that you can use to coat your metal to make it more durable. Using a coat and seal keeps water from coming into direct contact with the material underneath the surface. This creates a protective layer that is sure to increase its overall lifespan. It is important to tread carefully with methods like this. Although it can do a lot of good for your metal, it is not perfect. The water-resistant coating wears off with time, so if you fail to monitor and address that, then you are going to have to deal with problem spots.

Why it Matters

If you want to give yourself the best chance of facing the weather head-on, then you need to invest in a waterproof metal. On top of that, you need to acquire a water-resistant coating that you can put on it. The combination of these two things is going to keep everything safe during the rainy seasons. Doing this with a toolbox ensures that it and the things it is carrying are going to be safe. Investing in a custom metal fabrication service is a great way to get a toolbox that is going to do this very thing.

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