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Which Material is Best for a Work Truck Toolbox?

Which Material is Best for a Work Truck Toolbox?

When it comes to a work truck toolbox, you want the best pricing and the best product made from the best material; after all, your tools are the lifeblood of your business. Because a workbox needs to withstand rigorous use, there is no reason to skimp on quality. However, both aluminum and steel are excellent choices for durability. So, let’s look at the details of each material type, and then, you can decide which is best for your application.

Aluminum vs. Steel

Typically, you will find yourself choosing between an aluminum toolbox and a steel toolbox for a work truck. Each has its pros and cons, but both steel and aluminum are excellent choices for a work truck toolbox.

Aluminum Truck Tool Boxes

underbody m series service truck toolbox

If you outfit a work truck with an aluminum toolbox, you can be confident that you have purchased a quality and durable product. The positive aspects of choosing aluminum are that its tough, lightweight, and non-corrosive. The negative aspects of a toolbox from this material are price and routine maintenance.


A work truck toolbox that is both lightweight and tough is a true asset.  You want something that can take a beating but will not weigh down your vehicle, especially in industries where extra weight can cause damage to the vehicle or delays in travel.  The greatest benefit of aluminum tool boxes is that they are non-corrosive. This means that if they do get dings and dents, the material will not rust. If you work in landscaping or wastewater treatment, aluminum is definitely a good option.


There are a couple of things to be aware of when choosing an aluminum toolbox.  Primarily, aluminum costs more than steel. Secondly, they may need routine maintenance to keep them looking pretty.

Steel Truck Tool Boxes

underbody tow truck toolbox RC Toolbox Elkhart INA work truck toolbox made from steel is also an

excellent and durable choice. The positive aspects of stainless steel are that it is extremely strong and it’s usually less expensive than the aluminum option. The negative aspects are that they are heavier and can show signs of corrosion over time, especially in an environment where harsh chemicals are used. A steel toolbox is an excellent choice for those in the towing industry.


Stainless steel toolboxes are strong and normal exposure to water will not cause corrosion. Stainless steel workboxes are reasonably priced and this combination of strength and affordability makes it a good choice when fitting a number of work trucks.


Toolboxes made from stainless steel are heavy and can weigh down a truck. In industries where chemicals such as chloride or bleach are used, they can corrode.

Both aluminum and stainless steel toolboxes are sturdy and practical choices. Because the decision will come down to needs and applications, you may want to consult with an RC Toolbox dealer before making your choice.

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