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Why work for RC Industries?

Custom metal fabrication

Why work for RC Industries?

Our door is always open to those who are dedicated to quality and are willing to offer their talent and support to our mission. If you’re considering a career with RC Industries, there are a few things you should know about our company that make it a great choice. Here’s why you should work for RC Industries!

What is RC Industries?

  • “RC Industries is a custom toolbox and metal fabrication company based in Northern Indiana.”

RC Industries is one of the leaders in the custom metal fabrication industry. Our goal and aim is to assemble a talented team of experienced professionals so that our company can achieve its goal of delivering quality service and products to our customers.

What sets RC Industries apart from its competitors?

  • “The accommodation and responsiveness we show to our customers by our dedicated team.”

While RC Industries isn’t the first custom metal fabrication company, we constantly strive to improve and excel over our competition. In doing so, we have several quality insurance policies in place to make sure we supply our customers with the right parts the first time. We are always updating and improving our toolboxes and other products, and therefore have created a brand and quality that our clients can trust!

Is there an opportunity for career advancement within RC?

  • “Since the beginning, RC Industries has fostered upward movement.”

At RC, we believe in promoting from within when possible, and therefore attempt to help move our own team members up the ladder. At RC, we don’t want to simply provide you with a job, but a career. When filling positions, who’s a better candidate than someone who already knows and has experience with our company? Join RC’s team today and begin a long and wonderful career!

How do you help ensure personal growth and career development among your employees?

  • “We use mentoring, continuing training, and education with programs like Purdue MEP to ensure our employees have the tools to achieve their personal goals as well as the goals and expectations by RC Industries.”

RC wants to help our team members succeed, both in and out of the workplace. We understand that developing our employees benefits them as well as our company, and therefore make it a priority. By offering training and development programs, we help ensure that our team is constantly growing and improving!

What is the work culture like?

  • “The work culture is a safety-oriented, quality-committed group of employees from many different backgrounds.”

Many businesses fail to emphasize the importance of work culture. At RC Industries, we work to create a culture of safety, while also developing a tight bond among our team. While many businesses claim they’re “like a family”, we prove it in how we interact and treat each other. At RC, you’re not a number, you’re a member.

Why should I work for RC Industries?

  • “RC Industries respects employees and the importance of work-life balance along with a steady livelihood that employees can build upon.”

We don’t expect our team members to only focus on work. We understand that every employee of RC Industries has a life outside of the company. At RC Industries, we also understand that by giving our employees the capacity to focus on their personal lives, we are helping them become the best individuals they can be outside of the workplace, which in turn allows them to become the best they can be within the workplace.

If you’re considering a career with RC Industries, be sure to check out our available job opportunities. Furthermore, consider contacting us directly with any questions you may have about RC and how you can get started with a successful career in the metal fabrication industry!