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Benefits of a Custom Truck Bumper

Custom Truck Bumper

Benefits of a Custom Truck Bumper

A custom truck bumper probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you consider upgrading your vehicle. However, custom bumpers benefit your truck (or RV, bus, etc.) in more ways than one. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Would You Need a Custom Bumper?

What makes a custom bumper necessary in the first place? Isn’t the original good enough? Actually, most original bumpers lack the sturdiness and durability of a custom bumper. Reasons one might invest in a custom bumper include the following.

  • Replace Old or Broken Bumper

The first (and most obvious) reason you could find yourself in the market for a custom bumper is that an old one gave out. Rather than re-invest in the same model, why not invest in a quality bumper? Custom truck bumpers last much longer than regular bumpers.

  • Additional Protection for Your Vehicle

Your bumper exists primarily to protect your car. Particularly if you drive a large vehicle or do a lot of off-road driving, a high-quality bumper provides extra protection against the environment. The strong steel also protects your vehicle from possible collisions and accidents.

  • Increased Ground Clearance

Many modern trucks and SUVs feature low-sitting bumpers, causing dragging against curbs. A custom bumper allows a little extra clearance for your wheels.

  • Heightened Durability

As already mentioned, custom steel bumpers last far longer than the standard aluminum bumpers that come from the car lot. Depending on how you design your bumper, you might not have to worry about replacing it again.

  • Elevated Style

There’s nothing wrong with wanting some additional style on your vehicle. A well-designed bumper elevates the appearance of your truck, SUV, or RV, making it look cool while keeping it functional.

  • Accessory Mounting Point

Additionally, a new bumper can serve as a mounting point for additional accessories. Examples include LED lights, hitches, hooks, and more.

How Do You Know Which Style is Right for Your Vehicle?

The idea of a custom bumper is that no matter what you drive (RV, bus, truck, trailer, etc.), you can obtain exactly what you need. Bumpers increase both the functionality and the style of a vehicle. You don’t have to design a bumper from total scratch, however. If you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for, we will be glad to recommend a bumper style based on your vehicle, interests, job, etc. For instance, some bumpers feature steps, others feature hitches, and some are specifically designed for off-roading.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the different types of bumpers. We will help you design the perfect bumper for your vehicle, down to the powder coating and color.

Steel vs. Aluminum Bumpers

Most bumpers are steel or aluminum. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Steel

Steel is naturally more durable than aluminum. Consequently, it lasts a long time and provides a secure frame for the front of your vehicle. The primary disadvantage of stainless steel bumpers is that they are heavier than their aluminum counterparts, adding to the overall weight of your vehicle.

  • Aluminum

On the other hand, aluminum bumpers both weigh and cost less. However, they possess a shorter lifespan and are a little more likely to need repairs or replacements.

How Can We Help?

RC utilizes continuous improvement methods, high-quality materials, and the best fabrication tools money can buy, RC constantly refines our bumpers, toolboxes, and other products to give you the best result at the most economical rates. If you struggle with your current supplier’s quality, give RC a try. You will find that we deliver as promised.