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What is a Custom-Built Toolbox?

What is a Custom-Built Toolbox?

Depending on your truck type and job, different toolboxes can benefit you in different ways. Our goal as a company is to ensure that your toolbox makes your life easier while keeping your utility or service truck sharp and stylish. The following are three reasons a custom-built toolbox might be right for you.

Why Do You Need a Custom-Built Toolbox?

1. Durability

You want your truck’s toolbox to last, and most mass-produced, pre-made toolboxes just don’t have the durability to do so. A toolbox is an investment, especially for utility trucks. Make sure you invest in something that won’t break down on you.

2. Quality

Along the same lines, you should look for a manufacturer that genuinely cares about producing quality products. A custom-built toolbox is crafted just for you, with quality at the forefront of the company’s mind.

3. Fit to Your Need

Different types of service trucks require different things. For instance, a utility truck needs somewhere to store service equipment, while a “driving” truck may just need a toolbox for odds and ends. Regardless of your need for a toolbox, going custom allows you to meet that need exactly.

What Are the Different Types of Custom-Built Toolbox?

One of the perks of a custom-built toolbox is choosing the type that works best with your truck’s layout. Consider these different custom toolboxes:

  • Underbody
  • Top
  • Side Swing Door
  • Swing Up
  • Step
  • Chest
  • Combination

The type of toolbox you choose directly hinges on what you’ll be using it for. For instance, if you need quick and easy access to equipment, a side toolbox might be a good choice for you. If you need extra storage space for large items, an underbody toolbox or an extra storage pack might be a better choice.

If you need help evaluating the type of toolbox that would work best with your job, truck type, etc., we at RC Industries are glad to answer any questions you may have.

Ways to Customize Your Toolbox

Where does the “custom” part come in? We’re glad you asked. It is our pleasure to customize the following items for you.

1. Size

The purpose of a good toolbox is to maximize a truck’s functionality. A toolbox that is too big or too small simply won’t do the trick. A custom-built toolbox allows you to create the perfectly sized box for your vehicle.

2. Storage Capacity

In addition to sizing, your truck’s toolbox must be laid out in such a way that storage is easy. Do you prefer compartments, slots, or shelves? Do you like an empty space to store large equipment? Storage capacity is unique to the type of tools you possess, so the ability to customize storage is extremely helpful.

3. Location

The location of your toolbox falls under its type. Do you prefer your toolbox to be located under your truck, in the bed, or mounted on the side? This will affect how it is custom-built for you.

4. Material

We make toolboxes out of both aluminum and steel to meet your needs.

5. Powder Coat

At RC Industries, we offer a variety of powder coating options, including black, white, and gray in both textured and gloss. 

RC utilizes continuous improvement methods, high-quality materials, and the best fabrication tools money can buy, RC constantly refines our toolboxes and other products to give you the best result at the most economical rates. If you struggle with your current supplier’s quality, call us today. You will find that we deliver as promised.