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Highlighting the New RC Industries Anchor Latch

RC industries vector 2 anchor latch

Highlighting the New RC Industries Anchor Latch

What sets RC Industries apart from other storage system manufacturers? We’re glad you asked! RC Industries is a dedicated manufacturer of storage systems and toolboxes for the work truck industry. We pride ourselves on producing storage solutions that are as functional as they are good-looking. A prime example of this is our new toolbox anchor latch.

Let’s take a look.



Who Are We?

Quality is extremely important to us. We specialize in custom work that satisfies each individual customer – one reason we are so difficult to compete with.

Our dedication to quality is why we made it our mission to improve our products, down to the very latch of each toolbox. RC Industries spent three years investigating different latch options to replace the old style of stainless steel before partnering with excellent suppliers. Between the engineering skills of the RC Industries team and the flexibility and responsiveness of our valued partners, we developed an anchor latch that is more durable, functional, and beautiful.

What Are the Benefits of Our Anchor Latch?

There are numerous benefits to our special anchor latch, including the following:

  • Improved security

Of course, the main purpose of any latch is to maintain security. Our new anchor latch is robust, durable, and made of quality materials. Combined with quality assembly, our latches are secure and trustworthy in every regard.

  • Lower overall cost

Our new anchor latch is easier to install than our last. In fact, it has cut installation time down by 40%, which lowers the overall cost to the customer.

  • Mounts on multiple surfaces

A built-in gasket makes mounting easy on most surfaces, including aluminum, multi-coated steel, and powder-coated surfaces.

  • Serves as a direct replacement for the previous latch

You know the drill – something on your vehicle breaks, so you have to scour the internet looking for the exact replacement product. This anchor latch serves as a direct replacement for the old one, making it easier for you. No need to find a “latch match.”

Why Should You Choose RC Industries?

We care about our customers and the quality of the product we are sharing. The RC family of satisfied customers continues to grow. We are proud to retain 99.4% of our existing customers. That is a testimony to the RC product and the team that supports those products. Less than 1 out of 1000 orders have a warranty claim. We are growing and would be proud to add you to our family of satisfied customers. Don’t hesitate to call us today!