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How Durable Is An Aluminum Truck Box?

Aluminum truck box

How Durable Is An Aluminum Truck Box?

Truck boxes are a great way to store your tools while driving around to different job sites. However, knowing which box to pick can make for a difficult decision. From steel to aluminum truck boxes, the options are almost endless! After all, you want to make sure you get the toughest most durable truck box there is!

When comparing truck boxes, it’s important to look at their durability. You don’t want to buy something that can’t hold up over the years. As aluminum truck boxes have become more popular, it begs the question, just how durable is an aluminum truck box? Let’s take a look.


Aluminum truck boxes are far lighter than many other materials used for truck boxes. Steel, for example, is another common metal used for box construction. But steel weighs about 3 times as much as aluminum. The lighter weight makes for an easier ride on the truck and box itself. Absorbing less shock, lightening your truckload, and saving gas are all ways that your aluminum truck box offers benefits. Aluminum truck boxes are a great durable option that will also help increase the durability of your truck! 


Durability doesn’t just have to do with weight. One of the biggest advantages to an aluminum truck box’s durability is its rust resistance. Due to the rain, dew, and even the job site, truck boxes are constantly exposed to the elements. This can cause a lot of wear and tear over time.

Steel boxes are normally powder coated to help protect against rust, but even a small chip in the finish can cause rust to set in seemingly overnight. With aluminum boxes, you don’t have to worry about that. This saves money in the long run since your aluminum box’s durability in the elements will keep you from having to replace it as often.


The price point of any purchase is an important consideration. While aluminum truck boxes tend to be a little more expensive than some other options, their durability makes it worth it. It’s better to buy an aluminum box that will last a long time than to buy a cheaper option that will need replacing after a few tough jobs or a night in the rain. 

Cheaper prices don’t always mean the better option, and with truck boxes, you get what you pay for. Look into getting an aluminum truck box today as a durable solution to your truck box needs!

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