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What Are the Different Types of Bumpers?

What Are the Different Types of Bumpers?

Every bumper shares the same primary purpose, which is to protect your vehicle from damage on the road. However, depending on the type of bumper you invest in, you can receive some additional benefits as well. Make sure you select a custom bumper based on your truck size, lifestyle, and overall driving needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few different types of bumpers.

5 Different Types of Bumpers to Consider

Again, the main point of a bumper is to protect your vehicle. However, damage can come in many forms. For example, if you do a lot of off-road driving for fun, you want a bumper designed for off-road travel. Likewise, if you travel long distances and need a safeguard against other vehicles, it is important to select the proper design. Some bumpers offer special features like heavy-duty towing hitches. Whatever your need may be, consider one of the following different types of bumpers.

1. Standard Bumper

A standard bumper is a simple, below-the-grille bumper that stretches from the front left of a truck to the front right. Most standard bumpers are produced directly by a vehicle’s manufacturer to specifically fit that vehicle. However, the quality often leaves something to be desired. Cheap materials might look the part, but in an actual collision, they wouldn’t do a very good job protecting your truck.

2. Cowboy/Deep Drop Bumper

Deep drop bumpers (also known as cowboy bumpers) sit a little taller or longer than standard bumpers. This type of bumper is designed for heavy workloads as well as damage prevention. The unique shape of a deep drop bumper is extremely durable and allows for extra towing capacity.

3. Tube Bumper

Tube bumpers are popular not only for their functionality but also for their style. Rather than sitting directly below the grill, the thin, tubular shape of this bumper allows it to rest over the truck’s lights as well. When made with the proper materials, tube bumpers are lightweight as well as durable, and efficient as well as stylish.

4. Roll Pan Bumper

If using a bumper as an accessory isn’t your thing, consider investing in a roll pan bumper. A roll pan bumper is designed to be relatively incognito on your vehicle. It blends in with the bottom of the truck and creates a seamless, streamlined look. 

5. Step Bumper

A step bumper is essentially a standard bumper with a step in the middle. It makes it easy to swing a leg up into your truck bed. You can purchase a step bumper with or without a towing hitch.

Which Type of Bumper is Right for You?

If you aren’t sure what size, material, or style of bumper is best for your truck, contact a professional custom metal fabricator. With the help of a professional, you can design the perfect high-quality bumper for your lifestyle. As an added bonus, a bumper makes a great-looking accessory. Don’t forget to invest in a custom truck toolbox as well.

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